We sincerely thank you for your interest in our school. We are now accepting applications for students in all age groups, infants through the 12th grade.

Please be aware that WIDE school does not accept unvaccinated children.


Step 1:

Please email Celia, our Office Manager, regarding current COVID policies, enrollment, tuition, and availability at: [email protected]

Step 2:  

Please read through the extensive information below presented by Cheryl, a long-time parent of 2 children at WIDE and the head of our Parent Engagement Group (PEG). After reviewing all of the information, please email [email protected] to set up a time to chat over the phone to answer any questions you may have.

Hello prospective WIDE family!

My name is Cheryl, I am a parent at WIDE and head of the Parent Engagement Group (PEG). My family has had the privilege of being part of the WIDE educational experience for the past 11 years. It can be overwhelming to find the “right fit” for your child/ren.  

WIDE utilizes several methodologies in their education; mainly the Project Based Approach, Constructivist Theory of Learning, and we are, at our core, a Reggio Emilia Inspired school. So, what does all this mean? How will you know if this is the right fit for your family? Like so many other important decisions we make for our children, we must research! Please spend amble time reading through this website and links provided.


There is an inherent benefit of a child attending a preschool that has an on-campus elementary school. Many preschools will strive teach to the kindergarten ready checklist; ensuring numbers, letters, sounds, etc are covered. However, at WIDE the beautiful part of the education lies beyond the check list of standards. At WIDE, there is ample space reserved for the children to wonder, create, collaborate, build socioemotional skills, and so many more “life-ready” skills.   

Please send time on this site reading through the various pages provided to understand how the learning happens and the rich experiences our students are given at WIDE.

This article is wonderful quick read that directly speaks to need for a strong educational shift:


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Like so many other important decisions we make for our children, we must research! This website is a great starting point as it contains vast information to give you an understanding of our educational model. Checking out our Instagram page will also give you a wonderful glimpse into our student’s daily life! If you resonate with information on this site and you want to take the next steps, please see below:

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Elementary through High School

Our elementary – high school classes are dynamic, interdisciplinary, and fluid. WIDE students are given the freedom to think, create, collaborate, and have meaningful student driven project work. There is a beautiful balance between traditional academics and purposeful projects work. It is in the project work where students learn and practice the soft skills needed for adulthood and lifelong learning.
Spending time on the following links is necessary to understanding our educational model:

Altitude Learning is the digital platform we use to promote learner centered experiences while tracking mastery and competency based goals.

Mastery Transcript Consortium is the transcript chosen by WIDE for their students that supports the vision of communicating the achievements of a comprehensive student journey.

Our students take the MAP test every Fall and Spring. This standardized is used as one of many assessments and also for our students to have exposure to standardized testing.

Our high school students are part of the Big Picture Learning collaborative. This model supports high school students having real world experiences to support their journey into adulthood. This is often looks like our students taking dual credit college classes and participating in meaningful internships to explore future careers.