Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Each year, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo invites a select group of public and private school districts to participate in the School Art Program.

Through this program, students aged Pre-K through grade 12 are challenged to think outside of the box in order to create a work of art in either the School Art or Quick Draw category. The pieces are divided by elementary, intermediate and high school.

This is a competition that we are excited to participate in, as it allows our students to see what they are capable of creating as continue their journey through our program!

In 2021, two high school art teachers judged our student’s work and placed 15 pieces as blue ribbon winners from grades 4th-8th grade. Those blue ribbon art pieces were taken to NRG stadium and judged by a panel that represents the Houston Rodeo Art Competition. For each age range, students are honored with Best of Show, Gold Medal, and Special Merit are awarded in each category and were displayed in the Hayloft Gallery during the Rodeo. The WIDE School came back with four of our students placing Best of Show, the highest level of honor! These students are also eligible for scholarships to the Glassel School of Arts in Houston.

Out of 13 entries, four students walked away with best of show awards.

These four awarded pieces were all eligible for auction, with one of our elementary students, Ryan, chosen to advance to auction!  This was a first for our school and a very proud moment for the WIDE School as well as the students and teachers.