Presentation of Knowledge

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

-Albert Einstein

Prior to COVID, The Wide school hosted an annual Fall Festival, showcasing what the children have learned so far. Every class is included in the festivities; The younger children explore pumpkins – inside and out, cook and create with Fall-type items, and create artwork to be displayed during the Fall Festival. Children in the Pre-Kindergarten class are challenged to create a costume to wear based off of their knowledge of a subject that the class is studying. This is an excellent opportunity to use academic and developmental skills to allow their imagination to come to life!

The elementary and middle school students used the festival as an opportunity to educate their community by creating a theater presentation about their major project work. The children designed and made costumes, worked with Think Tank sound engineers to create an audio representation of their knowledge, made props, developed a play, and much more! The process of creating the Fall Festival was steeped with creativity, team work, and the application of various skills and knowledge. The Fall Festival was also an excellent opportunity to allow parents and the community to see the children exhibit their knowledge and ideas.

Since COVID had such an impact on our community, we quickly realized that a large gathering and live presentation would not be possible. These videos started off as our Fall Festival presentation, however, with the introduction of this new technology and the restrictions that COVID placed within our school walls, we needed to give the children time to explore this newfound interest. We dove deeper into their work and allowed the time needed for the students to produce the work they truly wanted to create. This show included videos created from our preschool classrooms through our middle schoolers (Blue Room – Mercury group). This was presented as a “Movie Night” that all families streamed within their homes.

In 2021, WIDE School presented our first ever WIDE Short Film Festival!

The student’s films are below in order from youngest to oldest.