Rediscovering Food

A Local Sustainable Movement

We are committed to the development of the whole child. We believe that eating clean, whole foods is central to this goal. In our school, our children begin their journey of learning and exploring whole foods in infancy. Food is considered a language in our philosophy and exposure to various types of foods for eating, painting, and exploring is an important part of every child’s education in our school. As they grow, they become gardeners before they walk and egg collectors soon after!


Our children are in a long term investigation of eating whole foods, exploring them inside and out, gardening, and cooking. As they learn about foods, soil, and plants, we see them make purposeful choices about food. It is our responsibility to support them on this journey in every way we can… including at home. 

Rediscovering Food is our support in helping our families in their efforts to eat local, organic, sustainable foods. We have formed a relationship with several local entities to help all of us have access to local, organic, and more affordable foods.

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